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Hello All,

The Shut the Duck Up video documentary is now up to 6,380 views, and we are receiving fantastic feedback. Keep watching, spread the word, and most of all, keep supporting. In related news, we had mentioned we were receiving many e-mail and letters from concerned citizens sharing their unpleasant encounters with the Duck Boats; I wanted to share some of these stories with you:

Jessica Lewis-Turner, Pennsylvania
One day, I retired to the 18th century garden near 3rd and Walnut to do a little reading. The garden was wonderfully quiet, and after I looked at the flowers I sat underneath the arbor and opened my book. Unfortunately, I had only gotten a page read when a Duck Tour drove up. The tour guide gave their spiel about the place, and at the end said, "And here we have an 18th century maiden... let's give her a duck tour salute!" They all honked loudly and irritatingly. I'm sure "18th century maidens" didn't flip the bird, but they also weren't rudely interrupted by quacking jerks.

Brendan Lafferty, Pennsylvania
As a resident of South Street, I couldn't agree more. Every time I wake up at 8am on a Saturday morning to obnoxious quacking, the Macarena, and a shameless plug for Bridget Foys, I die a little inside. They must be stopped. It's noise pollution, plain and simple. I have seen it make children cry. How is this a benefit to our city? Is this really how we should be presenting ourselves to tourists?

J Nathan Bazzel, Pennsylvania
Portraying Thomas Jefferson throughout Philadelphia, I have come across the Duck Boats time and time again. Each time the driver would encourage everyone to "Give a quack out to..." and then he would say a name for who ever he thought I was. I have been called Christopher Columbus, William Penn, Ben Franklin, you name it. It doesn't stop there. For the rest of the day, whenever riders would see us, they would quack at us again. Obnoxious is not the correct word...HARRASSMENT is!

After all the mail I get, which sometimes doesn't hold me in the greatest of light, these are the stories that really get to me and push me to go forward with our cause. These are hard-working, considerate, and concerned citizens that need to have their voice heard. WE WILL CONTINUE!




Anonymous said...

The voices of discontent are few compared to the millions who enjoy duck tours every year all over the world. I make a point of searching for the duck tour in every town I visit. They are a wonderful way to see most towns from both a land and water vantage point and to all those who would attempt to put a spanner in the works of simple enthusiastic vacation fun I say . . . HUMBUG!

Ainsley_Jo_Phillips said...

I've been on one duck tour, and that was at Wisconsin Dells back in 1967 when I was 14 1/2.

It was a peaceful, beautiful, educational, and fun ride. Not to mention that the guide was a studmuffin!

We weren't given any quacker horns, and the volume-level of the PA system was pleasant.

These ducks don't sound like the ducks that I knew back then.

Of course, that was going on 42 years ago.

It seems as if back then entertainment was creative enough to be entertaining without being annoying!

Ainsley_Jo_Phillips said...

P.S. Somewhat off the subject, but did you know that the decibels produced inside of a car, truck, or van by some of these LOUD stereos total more than the decibels of the amplifiers used by The Beatles to entertain a sea of fans!?!

I knew they were pretty darn LOUD, but I had no idea that they were THAT loud! That's ridiculous and not good for your health--not to mention totally-annoying to people who must listen to that racket that doesn't even come close to the quality of The Beatles!