Tell Us Your Story!

Hello Fellow Bloggers and STDU Supporters!

Walt is working on a new project pitch for our righteous campaign, which includes the testimonies of citizens of Philadelphia and the communities that are affected by the Ride the Duck Boat rides. We have high hopes and many creative options we are mulling over here at the STDU Headquarters, so there maybe a new video coming up? If you haven’t seen the current short documentary featuring Walt, go check it out, and if you have, watch it again and pump yourself up for the great things that are coming! Also, please continue to send in your experiences and stories about the Duck Boats so we can really capture the impact of these inconsiderate boats!



Renee said...

Ugh, I hate those Duck Boats. I work on South Street and they go by EVERY DAY. I pretty much have their whole spiel memorized! Plus, how are they allowed to have music blaring when everyone else gets a $300 fine for it?

Jim said...

That is a really valid point. I hadn't thought about it that way but there is obviously a reason that south street now has those fine signs and apparently this doesn't adhere to them? NOT FAIR AT ALL