Ride the Ducks Causing a Stir Again!

On Friday June 6th, KYW released the story about the Philly Ride the Ducks tour route being a potential security risk for Independence Mall. This, being fueled by the questionable operations of the Duck boats, has raised some brows within the Courthouse at Independence Mall.

Food for Thought: Are DiCicco's priorities more so invested in the Duck Boat Rides or with the people of Philadelphia?

I think these Federal Judges are absolutely right. Not only are thee Duck Rides an interference to the citizens within the neighborhood, but why should they always get a free pass. In the past it has been noted that while passerby vehicles on South Street were cited and fined for “Loud Music”, the Ride the Duck Tours come rolling through with their music blaring without any consequence; even though there are numerous city signs warning ALL vehicles of the punishment. In the same regard, why is it that every other tourism organization, educational organizations, citizens, visitors to our beautiful city, etc must follow regulation when it comes to visiting one of our most historic areas at 6th and Market, but the Duck Rides receive yet again, another free pass.

I say GET EM JUDGES! Tell them they must be considerate and follow the rules just like everyone else in this city and that we will not stand for anything less than that!

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Anonymous said...

Remove my name from your petition right away. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the premise of your petition. Remove my name immediately. I have asked you a number of times, and it is exceedingly frustrating that you have not removed my name. Remove it now.