Making All the Difference

Friends of the Shut the Duck Up! Campaign,

As you can see from the past couple of blog entries, there has been some exciting events that have occurred involving the Duck Boat rides. Our petition is close to reaching our goal, of 200 signatures, which means we will be THAT MUCH CLOSER to obtaining our objectives. So, if you are a new visitor to the site, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION; if you are already a friend, continue to spread the word! Also, the video documentary has just about 6,500 views and counting!

We are excited about the upcoming months and have many things already in the works. Our staff is working hard to reach the right people and make some well-needed changes. We will keep everyone posted when there are new events and worthy activities, until then sign the petition, watch the video documentary, and spread the word!



Anonymous said...

Please remove my name from your petition right away.

Champs said...

nice information shared by you dude...

keep updating your blog...

Cheers :)
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