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In our recent work with the STDU campaign we have been reaching out to neighbors to give us their honest feedback and concerns with the Ride the Ducks Tour Boats. I must say that almost every Duck Ride neighbor had something to say, or should I say complain about the Rides. Besides the usual, “they are annoying,” “they are loud,” and “they are antagonizing,” we heard some rather disturbing experiences from local Philadelphians, that really ruffled our feathers even further. Please continue to send us your experiences and we will make sure we are heard! Thanks!


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Tanya said...

I usually encounter these duck boats on my lunch break and let me tell you, I didn't mind the quacking and waving, and screaming, and music at first, since it is all in good fun right? But after having to hear this everyday with the occasional "extra" rowdy crowd, I had to change my walking route so I would avoid them. I am not one to spoil anyone's fun, but when it becomes inconsiderate, you have a problem.I understand why people who live in these areas would be irate. Keep up the protesting!