So I know it’s been a little quiet on our part here at the Shut the Duck Up! Campaign, but don’t interpret that as us backing down! We have been doing a lot of research about the environmental affects of the Duck Boats as well as some other issues that concern us and have been working hard to contact all of the right people in order to get these issues addressed. Our most recent Press Release, discussed how there are potential threats to the ducks that live within our neighborhood who are attracted to the Mallard calls made by the “quackers” given out as a souvenir to the Duck Boat attendees. This is so sad and not to mention terrible, our deepest concern is for the safety of these poor ducks.

We have also been in contact with many press outlets in order to reach out to as many people as possible. Walt’s protesting has continued and we are seeing more support than ever! Due to all of this great and amazing support, we are now planning another PROTEST!! So get excited, stay strong, and stay informed! We will keep you updated with the most up to date news about the Shut the Duck UP! Campaign and let you know information about the protest as it comes together.

Nicole Darling

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