Pumped up!

Hello Supporters!

It has been a busy week, with tons of emails pouring in from Philadelphians
along with some letters from folks out on the West Coast pledging their
support and attendance at the next protest. Our protest back in April proved
to be a huge success, with local media coverage and crowd support. Since our
campaign has remained strong over the past few months, my fellow STDUers and
I believe now might be a great time to get out our megaphone and posters and
have another protest. We have not yet figured out when or where this next
protest will be but I will of course inform all of you when we figure out
everything. Anyway, thank you all for your continued support!



JasonBuff said...

I can't believe I missed the first protest! I will definitely be attending this one. Keep up the hard work! NO QUACKING!

Anonymous said...

I saw your STDU protest on KYW 3 and loved the duck costume and posters. I will try my best to attend this next rally. Keep up the hard work!