When Ducks act like hogs:Tour-bus quackery

Our cause has been getting great news coverage thanks to the Philadelphia Daily News! Reporter Ronnie Polaneczky writes the article, which talks about Ride the Duck's annoying business tactics. Not only does the company have more loading zones than permitted but they also have encroached on other companies business, especially other Philadelphia tour groups. Polaneczky writes that" Ride the Ducks is legally skirting the law's intent, which is to ensure fairness among all motorized-tour competitors that operate around lucrative visitor areas."

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It's Almost Time!

Howdy All,
Just wanted to remind all STDU supporters that we are gearing up for the April 4th protest. We plan to meet at Race and the Delaware Avenue ramp around 10 am. Support for STDU has been fantastic these last few weeks. I have received tons of emails, so hopefully we will have a great turnout on April 4th. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email! Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing and meeting all of you real soon!



The Time Has Come To Stand Strong! PROTEST TIME!

Hello All,

Walt here. We have set the official date for our BIG PROTEST against the Philadelphia Ride the Duck Tours so we can finally stop those awful quackers! Come one, Come all! We need everyone's support and by the responses I have received since I started this campaign I am confident we will have a strong presence. The official Date is April 4th at 10AM where Race Street meets the water, AKA the boarding area for the Duck Rides. More news to come soon. Save the date!