WARM day at Kinko's!

Today has tobe a short entry…there’s a lot to do! I’m sure you remember a long long time ago I wrote about a very rainy day at Kinko’s…. Well today was a very WARM day at Kinko’s(I can’t believe it’s seventy degrees outside.) Anyway I copied off hundreds of Shut the Duck UP! flyers. Tomorrow we take them to the streets across Philadelphia! I’m planning to have Shut the Duck UP! flyers posted in every store window and on every lamp post their is in this city!

As I said, This blog entry is going to be short, because i have to get in touch with supporters to help out with the big publicity drive tomorrow! But if you’re really HUNGRY for more Shut the Duck UP! news, check out some articles recently written about us:


The Poke Show

And Google video of the day!

Thanks to everyone who wrote those articles and posted the Shut the Duck UP! video. They’re awesome!!! Okay, back to work and be ready for a full re-count tomorrow of the flyering drive!



cranberrynose4 said...

sorry all! haven't posted in a while. Been trying to keep my mouth shut. Anyways, BIG day tomorrow for Shut the Duck UP! can't wait to see wthose flyers all over the city!

herbedpancetta02 said...

wow STDU is all over the place: http://willdo.philadelphiaweekly.com/

charmander77 said...

nice to have you back, cranberrynose:)

polkadotwarrior3289 said...

how many flyers do you guys have made exactly?

Walt Sherman said...

polkadotwarrior: thanks for the question! we have 2 hundred fliers and 25 posters made up for tomorrow!