Philly Cheese Steak

Philly Cheese Steak

What better Philadelphia gathering spot is there then somewhere where you can get a great Philadelphia cheese steak! I woke up Saturday morning hungry for a cheese steak so I decided Id protest and eat all at the same time. I have to say that this was one of the funner protests I’ve gotten to do since each protesting spot was awarded with a tastey cheeses steak!

I took a few Shut the Duck UP! campaigners with me first to Pats and Genos, around 11:30 am so that we could hit the crowd who headed there for lunch. Posted with signs and flyers we shouted all sorts of things about the terrible loud, annoying, obnoxious, ducks.

Thanks to the long lines outside of these two Cheese Steak stores, we had tons of time to stand and chat with the hungry people about Shut the Duck UP! By the time they were ordering their cheese steaks they were serious Shut the Duck UP! supporters. After some hard work, me and the rest of the Shut the Duck UP! campaigners sat down to share and enjoy one cheese steak from Pats AND another one from Geno’s(My pick for best cheese steak to come at the end of this entry!)

Next up was Jim’s cheese steaks. Of course, south Street was an important place to get our point across, and Jim’s luckily has one of the longest lines I’ve ever seen outside of a cheese Steak shop! We took a lot of time just to walk along the line of people and discuss Shut the Duck UP! with them. We handed each a flyer and asked them to take it home with them.

We also did a quacker crushing demunstration at the corner just for the crowds enjoyment! One person was so impressed by Shut the Duck UP! that they bought us a Jim’s cheese steak. I shared with my supporters while Jenny(one of our most supportive campaigners) drove us on to our next location.

It was around 2:30 pm when we finally reached Tony Luke's. This sandwich store probably is being as popular as it gets, we stood at the door and handed flyers out to everyone going inside. Once again the long lines allowed us to talk with people about Shut the Duck UP! and tell them about how horrible those ducks really were. We finally got in line and waited for a cheese steak ourself, sat at one of the tables inside, and ate and relaxed after a hard days work.

really quickly I will say in this order Shut the Duck UP!’s favorite cheese steaks:

1:Tony Luke’s(it was amazing!)

Saturday was a big day of protesting! It isn’t easy to shout and campaign when you’re stomach is stuffed with cheese steak! I’m glad to say though that we fough through the pain and gained a load of supporters who will help to Shut the Duck UP! soon!

more to come,


nposes666 said...

how did you eat that much?!?!

mathias1092 said...

if you have watched the video, he's a big guy. Plus he was SHARING all those cheese steaks. And I must say that Tony Luke's IS the best and Jim's SUCKS.

sedgewick923 said...

Ha, Walt always manages to find those popular Philadelphia places. Nice work!

patrolman29 said...

Geno's is better than Pat's! And I hate those F***ING DUCKS!

peppermintstick3468 said...

I wonder if those people in line were extremely annoyed or extremely glad to have someone distracting them from the long waits in line...I'm guessing the former.

acediamond20 said...

Walt's right, Jim's is for stupid tourists only. He's a true Philadelphian, protecting us from Ducks and horrible cheesesteaks alike!

cheaternose said...

I love you and everything you do! Cheese Steaks too!

grapie5 said...

yeah, me too! seriously!