Philadelphia Flyers!

Phil Glass here. And sorry, this blog post has nothing to do with the hockey team. It’s something much, much better…

I’m happy to report that the Shut the Duck UP! Flyers Campaign was a massive success. Over 200 Shut the Duck UP! handbills were distributed throughout the city. We handed them to random people on the street, put them on car windshields, placed them on coffee shop bulletin boards, and even put some in Philadelphia newspaper kiosks so that people getting the paper would get a little something extra for their dime.

The campaign wasn’t just limited to small handbills. We went into many stores, mostly along South Street, asking them if we could post a Shut the Duck UP! poster in their window or on their door. Over 20 stores accepted the proposal—some even took extras and hung two or three around their store to REALLY get people’s attention. So next time you walk along South Street, look in some of the store front windows to see your friendly neighborhood Shut the Duck UP! Campaign being represented with pride!

Most of the fun while campaigning came from people’s reactions to hearing about Shut the Duck UP! I went into a few stores and the conversation went as follows:

“Hi, would you like to put a Shut the Duck UP! poste-“
“Yes. [Pointing at Door]. Go ahead. Right there.”

No faltering, no wondering, not a single ounce of indecision! That’s how much some of these South Street store owners hated the ducks. Plenty of them pledged to do “anything they can to help.” Could Shut the Duck UP! have asked for anything more?

So the Philadelphia Flyers campaign worked out perfectly. Shut the Duck UP! will be doing the same thing in Olde City next week. There might even be a camera or two out there to get some candid Shut the Duck UP! footage(Shut.the Duck UP! Documentary Part 2, anyone?) . Anyone who wants to help is welcome to come. Just e-mail Shut the Duck UP! to pledge your support.

Now on to some sadder news: I, Phil Glass, will no longer be with Shut the Duck UP! in Philadelphia. For a variety of reasons I’ll be moving out to Seattle, Washington over the weekend. Do not worry though, Shut the Duck UP! supporters—I will be with you in spirit and doing anything I can to help Shut the Duck UP! from afar. And once I’m settled, I certainly plan to do something about Seattle’s rampant Duck problem.

It’s been a pleasure working with Walt and everyone else at Shut the Duck UP! And to all the citizens of Philadelphia: Don’t forget! A quieter, cleaner, quack-free existence will be yours if you fight to attain it.

Never give up!

Phil Glass


cranberrynose4 said...


missrhubarb22 said...

Eaaaaasy there, cranberrynose4. It's not SUCH a huge deal! Shut the Duck UP! still has Walt and his other supporters. I mean Phil Glass was great and all but he wasn't the only one working on Shut the Duck UP. I understand your feelings but don't freak out about it!

cranberrynose4 said...

sorry, sorry, I guess it just took me by surprise. You're right missrhubarb, thanks.

parcheesie923 said...

Just got a flyer on my parked car on South Street, then drove by a ton of Shut the Duck UP posters on my drive..thought I'd say what's up. Good luck!

chochang309 said...

haha I like the conversation with the store owners who were just like immediately "put it up"

stringerbellhangindown said...

See ya Phil, awesome work!

PGATOUR3029 said...

Sad to see you go, Phil, you were great.

krauss309 said...

haha those posters are all over the windows of the pizza place at fourth and south!! hilarious! they must really ewant to shut the duck up!

annette-elissa said...

I thought I was the only one who disliked the duck buses - now that I know there's a whole movement i feel that much better!