A Touching Story

Hey All,

While Walt is out of the office organizing things for the flyering campaign tomorrow, I just wanted to quickly share a touching story I found posted on the Shut the Duck UP! online petition. This right here is why we fight the duck boats:

"I don't have any objections to some tour businesses in the neighborhood. But, when the business encourages its clients to make loud noises while driving through the neighborhood's streets, then it's no longer a neighborly business but a daily summer harassment of residents and other local businesses. For example, while at a flag day ceremony at the Betsy Ross house, a Veteran was making a personal heart-felt speech. A duck tour bus pulled up in front of the house, and everyone on board blew into their duck kazoo supplied by the Philadelphia Duck Tours. Everyone at the ceremony was deeply offended. I doubt that the tourists did this to disrupt the ceremony purpose. They didn't know, but they should've been informed by the tour guide. The blame falls on Philadelphia Duck Tours because they supplied the kazoos, and they were the one who encouraged the tourist to blast the kazoos. Give the kazoos AFTER the tour is over, or better yet, stop giving them out. sincerely, daniel chow"
Thanks to Daniel Chow for that disturbing account of the Ducks' blatant disrespect for Philadelphians. This is just another reason why our fight against the Duck Tours is completely called for.

This inspires all of us at Shut the Duck UP! to fight even harder. Don't worry Daniel, change is coming soon!

Phil Glass


silencethem! said...

wow that story really gets me going. dumb ducks!

missrhubarb22 said...

thats ridiculous! I hate them!

googleyeyes290 said...

daniel is absolutely right about issues with quacker distribution and control.

cohnhead said...