What's with the new look?

What's with the new look you might ask?

Using the small amount of computer knowledge I have(along with some help from a friend), the Shut the Duck UP! site has been revamped to address some issues. First off, you'll notice our new, fancy sidebar. Yes! It's grey! Before, everything was white and it was difficult to differentiate between the main blog text and the sidebar text. Readers will no longer have that problem.

We've also placed a "Subscribe" link on the sidebar. This allows you to subscribe to the Shut the Duck UP! blog so that you regularly see Shut the Duck UP! updates on whatever blog reader you use. Hurry up and subscribe so that you never miss a bit of Shut the Duck UP! news.

Hope you like the new look. Comments and suggestions are always welcome to us here at Shut the Duck UP! We're very open minded. Look forward to hearing from you!

Phil Glass


missrhubarb22 said...

I like it. that used to confuse me...it looks a lot better now!

quacker2000 said...


xda211 said...

Phil's brought a lot of organization to Walt's madness.

quacker2000: Get out of here.