A supporter has some BIG news: The ducks are cheaters!

Hey all,

A supporter of mine who does a fair amount of work for me named Phil Glass e-mailed me yesterday with some BIG, breaking news! I’m going to copy and paste his e-mail here(edited for accuracy after doing some reseaerch), so that everyone can know just how bad those ducks can be! Here’s what he wrote to me:


I did some research for you yesterday and found something that was pretty interesting about Ride the Ducks. I wanted to share it with you:

Apparently, according to Philadelphia Code, a tourism company can only have one gathering station around the visitor center. Ride the Ducks has circumvented(means “gotten around”) this law by renaming their company four different names. For instance, they have a station at the convention center called "Ride the Ducks”, one called “Philly Ducks", another called "River Ducks", and another called "Penn Ducks". While most people think these are all different, competing companies, in reality they are all a part of Philly Ride the Ducks. The area surrounding the convention center is a “Duck Depot”! They have four “marketing points of presence” as opposed to everyone else’s one. Imagine how unfair this is for the other Philadelphia tourism companies that actually play by the rules!

I was pretty disgusted when I heard this. I've also found that the Ducks regularly commit offenses by idling their cars in front of the sidewalk and blocking pedestrians. We should check out the Philadelphia Code about noise pollution, because I'm sure that the Ducks are in violation. I’m going to look right into this and get back to you as soon as I find something out.

Keep up the good work! I think we’re getting close to a big change.


Well there you have it. Its clear to me that the ducks are cheaters! Also, just so all my readers know i’m going to let Phil post blog entries every now and then whenever he has news for Shut the Duck UP! So if you see his name on the blog just know that he’s one of the biggest Shut the Duck UP! supporters in all of Philadelphia.

Thanks to Phil for this great information. i can’t wait to see what else we find out! Keep checking back for more breaking news!

--Walt Sherman


elmerfudd2029 said...

I knew those ducks were up to no good.

charmander77 said...

This is big news! Can't wait to see what else you guys find out. I'm sure there's a lot of dirt on those ducks that no one knows about!

missrhubarb22 said...

who is this "anonimous" source?!

clamclam0900 said...

Noise violation? Are you kidding me? Its a city. Have you heard the music coming from cars on South Street? Maybe we should lock all of them up too.

Anonymous said...


aldushux23 said...

don't you come quacking around these parts!

mummermarch000 said...

Thats pretty ridiculous, if you think about it. All the other tourism companies don't have a chance if all they see are ducks everywhere.

Vince Fumo said...

Unbelievably fascinating!! I hope I can sleep tonight after reading this.