The Shut the Duck UP! video; finally here!!

Well i haven’t mentioned for a while the video those drexel students were working on for me…I guess its because so much has been happening with Shut the Duck UP! that I had nearly forgotten about the video.But today i got an e-mail from Dave Herrond with the official Shut the Duck UP! documentiry video attached… Here’s what Dave had to say,

Yo Walt,

Sorry it’s taken a while for me and Justin to finish up your video, but it’s finally done. I think we’ve portrayed the STDU movement pretty damn well—should get us an easy “A” in our class. I’ll attach the video to this e-mail.

Thanks for letting us film you and hope you like the movie. Get it on YouTube ASAP because it’s going to get you a lot of press. Keep in touch, good luck, and great working with you.


Well Phil Glass got the video on youTube(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpynoYuFEBw) and now its just a matter of time before people start to check it out… I have to say that its a pretty awesome video and its crazy to see myself in a movie. Dave and Justin you guys did a grteat job!

And now our readers can help Shut the Duck UP! out, tell your friends to check out the amazing Shut the Duck UP! documentiry. The more people who watch the video the more people their are who know about Shut the Duck UP!

I feel like Shut the Duck UP! is going to sudenly become much bigger then it ever was before. Nothing like a youTube video to get things really moving. And I’d just like to say thanks to Dave and Justin for all their hard work…you guys are really talentted!

I’ll leave you with a copy of the Shut the Duck UP! video(don’t forget to tell your friends!):

Hope you liked it,


girlfriendrules02 said...

wowwww that is HILARIOUS!

barbabeos324098 said...

I love the quacker crushing. Awesome.

prunehead said...

That was a very legitimate film. Those students are pretty damn good at editing. I have to admit I didn't expect it to be so quality!

nicebrownhair9 said...

I like the people's faces when you quack at them.

silenthillgurl876 said...


goodsenseofhumor766 said...

How the hell did you collect so many of those quackers??

comevisitme435 said...

Kudos to Dave Herrond and Justin Beakman!

stylishfiance69 said...

you're annoying people just as much as the ducks with that megaphone, hypocrite

cheaternose said...

It looks like Walt needs a girlfriend...any takers? nicebrownhair9?

3:10toYuma said...

this vid is starting to pop up all over the net

publishersclearing020 said...

yeah i know. I've seen it on a ton of different philly sites.