Shut the Duck UP! petition signature Milestone!

Shut the Duck UP! has hit yet another milestone! Our online petition has surpasses the 100 signature mark and is already at 104.

Thanks to Laura Zanoli of ITALY for signing the one hundredth signature. Its amazing to think that Shut the Duck UP! has reach all the way to europe. Think of that! People in ITALY hate the duck boats just as much as us… Shut the Duck UP! is becoming a worldwide movement.

I’d also like to say that the 104 doesn’t take into a count the other signatures we’ve gotten while protesting on the street. Shut the Duck UP! is really moving fast and no one can stop it! The sudden addition of signatures must be from the recent articles that have been written about Shut the Duck UP! We’ve got one in a Philebrity Article and another on Apples and Alligator Pears blog(Check them out!).

thank to all those who are helping to Shut the Duck UP! We’ll have 200 signatures soon and it will be time to celebrate once again!



cranberrynose4 said...

congrats! I've been with Shut the Duck UP! from the start and its nice to see all your progress.

socheezeso01 said...


masterchief29 said...

i wonder if the duck tours will listen if you have 100 signatures?

corgieloveryay! said...

100...nah but at least it shows how many people hate the ducks! And I'm sure there are plenty more out there who have yet to sign.

pelmel029 said...

I can't believe 100 people signed that thing.