Shut the Duck UP! featured AGAIN in the news!

Phillyist wrote a big artilcle about Shut the Duck UP! this is really going to help us out. Check it out! Here's a small exert:

January 8, 2008

Rhymes with "Fuck"

Make Way for Ducklings

"...STDU...has posts about duck boat accidents in other cities, Walt's own protests across Philadelphia, why Philly sports fans don't like the Ducks, either, and newly-elected Mayor Michael Nutter, all for the purpose of trying to convince the reader to e-sign the Shut the Duck Up! petition, which asks, not for an end to the Ride the Ducks Tour company, but instead for a little common courtesy..."

Image Credit: Flickr user law_keven

Check the rest of the article out here! Thanks Phillyist for all your support to help Shut the Duck UP!

Walt Sherman


marxist0230921e said...

thats a pretty lewd headline.

charizard88 said...

you? spelling issues? never!