Personal conversation works too

Instead of doing a loud protest, I went over to the philadelphia Visitor’s Center this morning to point out to people the Ducks unfair marketing strategy. I pulled people aside(some were tourists some weren’t) one by one, pointed to one of the tour stations(this one was Ride the Ducks) and told them the whole story that Phil pointed out to me last week about how tour companies in Philadelphia are only allowed one station outside the Visitors Center and how the ducks had gotten around this by making four stations which each had a different name.

A bunch of people were surprised…they had thought that all the stations were for different companies! Some got angry at the Ducks too too and told me that I had they’re full support. A lot of the tourists even said that they’d never ride the ducks again! Each person got a few fliers(some to give to friends) describing the Shut the Duck UP! campaign.

I found out that this is a good way to protest! I didn’t get as many peoples attention but I made a lot of contact personally with people and i could tell that plently were convinced that the ducks are bad! I might try to sit down with more people to discuss Shut the Duck UP! in the future. This way I can make sure they understand how annoying those Ducks really are.

P.S.: Thank to Phil for his last post! I’m sure there will be many more from him in the future. Its nice to have so many dedicated supporters!


davidblaine09 said...

you convinced me long, long ago when you crushed some quackers. I'm sure personal convos work just as well though!

emmyemmyemily said...

i met you today on the street and i now hate the duck boats as much as you. personal conversation DOES work.

palermo5 said...

if you can sit down with me and convince me that the ducks are a worthwile cause to protest, i'll give Shut the Duck UP 100 bucks.

macdaddy000 said...

You should get together a Shut the Duck UP convention so that we can all have inter-personal dialogue about how to fix the scourge of the ducks.