Freezing cold won't stop me!

I was out protesting on broad street this morning for all the people heading in to work and boy was it cold. I did my best to stay warm(wore my warmest hunters cap) but i almost froze to death out there…but still I feel only more excited about Shut the Duck UP!. Its good to know The freezing cold won’t stop me or the Shut the Duck UP! campaign!

Anyway protesting this morning went great. Although most people who were on their way to work couldn’t stop to talk, I saw a bunch of them paying attention to the Shut the Duck UP! sign and listening to what I had to say on my megaphone… Sometimes protesting isn’t about getting petition signatures or donations, its just about letting people know that theres a campaign called Shut the Duck UP! Now all those people will be going into work and telling their friends about the Shut the Duck UP! campaign. i’m sure it will get tons of people to head over to the Shut the Duck UP! blog and then sign my petition.

Stay Warm!


liverpoolfan said...

damn right its cold i was dying out there today

nononsenseplayers12354 said...

couldn't believe I saw my main man Walt out there on Broad Street today on my way to work. Serious dedication to the cause.

popo34098 said...

i wanna see that hunters cap