Celebrities, Ducks, and an Update That Makes You Know Less

Well, Walt is out of the “office” until next week, so sadly he won’t have any new protests to share until then. For now you’re stuck with Mr. Phil Glass who is going to give you some very general Shut the Duck UP! updates in a small effort to satisfy your raging thirst for Shut the Duck UP! news.

First of all, Shut the Duck UP! has received its first celebrity e-mail! Who could it be? Is it Brad Pitt? The beautiful Scarlett Johanssen? Legendary actor Emilio Estevez? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Walt received a reply from an e-mail he wrote last week from the one and only SCOTT ADAMS, creator and illustrator of the Dilbert comic strip! While Scott clearly couldn’t show his full support for Shut the Duck UP!, he did have this to say:


You sound like a quack. (Couldn't resist.)

I don't get involved in causes, but I wish you luck. It does sound obnoxious.


So there it is! Our first celebrity semi-endorsement. While Scott can’t “get involved”, he does wish us “luck” and states that the ducks do “sound obnoxious”. I couldn’t ask for much more than that, other than a comic strip showing Dilbert crushing quackers in protest. But sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Our other quick update really isn’t an update at all—it’s more of a secret, actually. But it’s a secret I’m letting you know about! For now I can’t reveal much, but all I’ll say is that big things are starting to happen for Shut the Duck UP! We’ll be slowly revealing these big happenings as time goes on, but for now you’ll just have to be content knowing that Shut the Duck UP! is moving up in the world.

It feels cheap keeping a secret from all you duck haters out there, but things will be that much better when we blow the lid off this whole thing later on. Just keep checking back and you’ll know all soon enough.

Expect Walt to be back on Monday!



cheaternose said...

scarlett johansson isn't THAT beautiful

moreobsessed900 said...

cheaternose is jealous! she has a crush on Phil Glass! She loooooves him!

krazykollege! said...


lu-may-i said...

That is simply smashing that Shut the Duck Up has gotten a celebrity e-mail. Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck in the future. Farewell.

Ko-NO! said...

Give me the secret info NOW.

mcohen29 said...

VIVA Shut the Duck UP!

pearpear3 said...

Dilbert Rules! It's awesome Scott got in touch with you guys. You gotta get a STDU cartoon...you have to!

Anonymous said...

Phil, you're a bigger fag than Walt.