Being recognized

Its been great having the video documentiry out to the public. We’ve been getting all sorts of reactions and publicity since the video was released! Thanks to Philebrity, Phillyist, Johnny GoodTimes, and The liberal doomsayer for putting the documentiry on there site with plenty of words of support!

I never wanted to be famous or anything for Shutting the Duck UP! but since the video has been released I was recognized for the first time on the street this morning. A middle aged guy by the name of Manny Chumos walked up to me on the street this morning and said “Hey you're the duck guy!” …We talked for a while about Shut the Duck UP! and he said that a friend of his had shown him the Shut the Duck UP! video just the other day(he loved it). He wanted to show his support in any way he could so he gave me his email address and we’ll be keeping in touch about Shut the Duck UP! from nowon. Thanks Manny for your support and feed back!

Feed back like Manny’s along with the blogs and web sites that support Shut the Duck UP! gives me the strength to go on and keep fighting. I won’t lie! A lot of people(Phil calls them “de tractors”) can be negative and angry over this fight but its something I believe in and I’ll never stop until I’ve Shut the Duck UP! Expect a few new protests to come in the future…I’ve become extra inspired by everything that’s happening!

staying strong,


pokonos02 said...

you'll never be famous walt, sorry.

panchester948 said...

don't let those negative jerks get you down, Walt. I see how they talk about you on PhillyBlog. Their a bunch of people who feel better about themselves by attacking YOU. Don't let it get to you!

choklatemilk6 said...

I'd recognize you now if I saw you. I'll keep a lookout!

patriceevra21 said...

You'll be famous in my book if you shut those damn tour busses up.