Around the gum tree I go!

Well as i’ve learned a good protest gets a whole lot of attention. I’ve done plenty of things around this city that work but nothing got heads turning quite as much as today’s protest! On south Street there is a tree known as the gum tree(it’s right near the Ishkabibles restarant across from the TLA). Its called that because everyone on South street sticks there chewed up gum to the tree trunk and almost the whole tree is covered in gum! Well it seems to me for a long time that this is a popular tourist attraction, so I went there with my sign, some quackers, and a megaphone and started marching in circles around the tree! I was shouting and quacking(then crushing those quackers don’t worry!) and making a huge commotion. People kept on pointing to the guy walking around the gum tree making a ratchet. they couldn’t believe it.

Of course I had to stop eventually because of dizzyness, but that worked too. The crowd that had formed to watch gathered around me and asked me a whole bunch of questions about Shut the Duck UP! I took out my petition and some fliers and started handing them out and getting signatures. I gained some big support for Shut the Duck UP! and I have the signatures to prove it.

There’s nothing better then the perfect protest. I’ll keep on dreaming up new ideas…the crazier the better! Suggestions that will help Shut the Duck UP! are always welcome, so get in touch with me with your comments or an e-mail.

thanks a bunch,


hedgehogmushroom098 said...


veallygood0289 said...

Not crazy-- eccentric! It's a good thing.

Ms. Construed said...

I saw you. My friend got a flier, I didn't. I thought you were just some crazy Philadelphian actin like a fool.

I guess you did have a reason...it still got my attention and brought me here. haha

cranberrynose4 said...

Wow. I love you.

Anonymous said...

I love the Gum Tree! I have stuck my gum on there for the last 15 years. I love trees and usually would never put my gum anywhere but the trash, but this is an exception. More importantly I agree with you about the Duck Tours - I hate it. It's just as bad as when the Phillies went to the World Series and all the tv stations would play the song "Who Let the Dogs Out". What a horrible representation of our city. I don't want people coming here as tourists and taking a Ride the Ducks Tour and think this is what Philly is all about, being loud and obnoxious, not to mention how utterly tacky the whole thing is. The Trolley tours are much better and classier. I think the Ride the Ducks Tour should stay in the water - they can visit Rock Lobster or Dave and Busters, they don't need to come into the city. Well that's just my humble opinion! Keep up the protest, I hope it works.