Early morning mischief!

I’ve spent most of Shut the Duck UP! trying to get the publics attention, and that’s the right thing to do concidering that i’m trying to get public support for Shut the Duck UP! But today I couldn’t help myself in sending the Ducks THEMSELVES a message.

I see this truck parked near where I live almost every morning and night that has the Ride the Ducks logo painted right on both of its doors. I hate that truck! Every time i see it I hear loud music and the screetch of quackers. So I decided it was time to let the Duck company know how Shut the Duck UP! feels about them…

When I woke up this morning I took a big bag and loaded all the broken quackers I have(you saw how many there were in my video…well that was a long time ago and there are even more now!) I tied up the big bag and went outside and through the bag of broken quackers into the back of the truck! I felt a pretty nice rush as i walked away from the scene. It felt good saying to the Ducks ‘Shut the Duck UP! knows about you and we’re not going to stand for your annoyances any longer!” I’m sure they got the message.

Besides I feel fine not protesting out on the streets for a day: my video is up and running and getting public support as we speak! I’d like to thank John Pangia of Sid in the City for writing a great article along with this awesome picture that he made(I’ll post it at the end of this article). You’ve helped Shut the Duck UP! a lot John and we thank you!

Note: This picture is curtesy of John Pangia From Sid in the City! He made it and we thank him!

Walt Sherman


Being recognized

Its been great having the video documentiry out to the public. We’ve been getting all sorts of reactions and publicity since the video was released! Thanks to Philebrity, Phillyist, Johnny GoodTimes, and The liberal doomsayer for putting the documentiry on there site with plenty of words of support!

I never wanted to be famous or anything for Shutting the Duck UP! but since the video has been released I was recognized for the first time on the street this morning. A middle aged guy by the name of Manny Chumos walked up to me on the street this morning and said “Hey you're the duck guy!” …We talked for a while about Shut the Duck UP! and he said that a friend of his had shown him the Shut the Duck UP! video just the other day(he loved it). He wanted to show his support in any way he could so he gave me his email address and we’ll be keeping in touch about Shut the Duck UP! from nowon. Thanks Manny for your support and feed back!

Feed back like Manny’s along with the blogs and web sites that support Shut the Duck UP! gives me the strength to go on and keep fighting. I won’t lie! A lot of people(Phil calls them “de tractors”) can be negative and angry over this fight but its something I believe in and I’ll never stop until I’ve Shut the Duck UP! Expect a few new protests to come in the future…I’ve become extra inspired by everything that’s happening!

staying strong,


The Shut the Duck UP! video; finally here!!

Well i haven’t mentioned for a while the video those drexel students were working on for me…I guess its because so much has been happening with Shut the Duck UP! that I had nearly forgotten about the video.But today i got an e-mail from Dave Herrond with the official Shut the Duck UP! documentiry video attached… Here’s what Dave had to say,

Yo Walt,

Sorry it’s taken a while for me and Justin to finish up your video, but it’s finally done. I think we’ve portrayed the STDU movement pretty damn well—should get us an easy “A” in our class. I’ll attach the video to this e-mail.

Thanks for letting us film you and hope you like the movie. Get it on YouTube ASAP because it’s going to get you a lot of press. Keep in touch, good luck, and great working with you.


Well Phil Glass got the video on youTube(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpynoYuFEBw) and now its just a matter of time before people start to check it out… I have to say that its a pretty awesome video and its crazy to see myself in a movie. Dave and Justin you guys did a grteat job!

And now our readers can help Shut the Duck UP! out, tell your friends to check out the amazing Shut the Duck UP! documentiry. The more people who watch the video the more people their are who know about Shut the Duck UP!

I feel like Shut the Duck UP! is going to sudenly become much bigger then it ever was before. Nothing like a youTube video to get things really moving. And I’d just like to say thanks to Dave and Justin for all their hard work…you guys are really talentted!

I’ll leave you with a copy of the Shut the Duck UP! video(don’t forget to tell your friends!):

Hope you liked it,


Celebrities, Ducks, and an Update That Makes You Know Less

Well, Walt is out of the “office” until next week, so sadly he won’t have any new protests to share until then. For now you’re stuck with Mr. Phil Glass who is going to give you some very general Shut the Duck UP! updates in a small effort to satisfy your raging thirst for Shut the Duck UP! news.

First of all, Shut the Duck UP! has received its first celebrity e-mail! Who could it be? Is it Brad Pitt? The beautiful Scarlett Johanssen? Legendary actor Emilio Estevez? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Walt received a reply from an e-mail he wrote last week from the one and only SCOTT ADAMS, creator and illustrator of the Dilbert comic strip! While Scott clearly couldn’t show his full support for Shut the Duck UP!, he did have this to say:


You sound like a quack. (Couldn't resist.)

I don't get involved in causes, but I wish you luck. It does sound obnoxious.


So there it is! Our first celebrity semi-endorsement. While Scott can’t “get involved”, he does wish us “luck” and states that the ducks do “sound obnoxious”. I couldn’t ask for much more than that, other than a comic strip showing Dilbert crushing quackers in protest. But sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Our other quick update really isn’t an update at all—it’s more of a secret, actually. But it’s a secret I’m letting you know about! For now I can’t reveal much, but all I’ll say is that big things are starting to happen for Shut the Duck UP! We’ll be slowly revealing these big happenings as time goes on, but for now you’ll just have to be content knowing that Shut the Duck UP! is moving up in the world.

It feels cheap keeping a secret from all you duck haters out there, but things will be that much better when we blow the lid off this whole thing later on. Just keep checking back and you’ll know all soon enough.

Expect Walt to be back on Monday!



What's with the new look?

What's with the new look you might ask?

Using the small amount of computer knowledge I have(along with some help from a friend), the Shut the Duck UP! site has been revamped to address some issues. First off, you'll notice our new, fancy sidebar. Yes! It's grey! Before, everything was white and it was difficult to differentiate between the main blog text and the sidebar text. Readers will no longer have that problem.

We've also placed a "Subscribe" link on the sidebar. This allows you to subscribe to the Shut the Duck UP! blog so that you regularly see Shut the Duck UP! updates on whatever blog reader you use. Hurry up and subscribe so that you never miss a bit of Shut the Duck UP! news.

Hope you like the new look. Comments and suggestions are always welcome to us here at Shut the Duck UP! We're very open minded. Look forward to hearing from you!

Phil Glass

Shut the Duck UP! petition signature Milestone!

Shut the Duck UP! has hit yet another milestone! Our online petition has surpasses the 100 signature mark and is already at 104.

Thanks to Laura Zanoli of ITALY for signing the one hundredth signature. Its amazing to think that Shut the Duck UP! has reach all the way to europe. Think of that! People in ITALY hate the duck boats just as much as us… Shut the Duck UP! is becoming a worldwide movement.

I’d also like to say that the 104 doesn’t take into a count the other signatures we’ve gotten while protesting on the street. Shut the Duck UP! is really moving fast and no one can stop it! The sudden addition of signatures must be from the recent articles that have been written about Shut the Duck UP! We’ve got one in a Philebrity Article and another on Apples and Alligator Pears blog(Check them out!).

thank to all those who are helping to Shut the Duck UP! We’ll have 200 signatures soon and it will be time to celebrate once again!



Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

Hey Shut the Duck UP! supporters,

It’s Phil. Walt couldn’t make it to the library today, so I’ll be filling you in on our most recent Shut the Duck UP! protest. It definitely was a good one.

We at Shut the Duck UP! are always trying to find the most people gathered in one place at any given time in order to reach out to the maximum amount of people. Well, yesterday being football playoffs time, local Philadelphia bars were the obvious place to be. A few Shut the Duck UP! supporters joined Walt early on in the day to stand outside a number of popular Philadelphia bars and do the standard flaunting and shouting that comes with the job. Our timing was perfect, and we managed to catch the eye of a boatload of people who were making their way inside the bars to watch the games.

The start of the day was of course all well and good, however things really heated up when the games got started. We parked ourselves at one of the more popular and busy bars in the city and bought a couple of drinks. While we did take some time to relax and watch the game, I eventually pulled our bartender aside when he seemed a little less busy and asked if Walt could make a halftime speech. It took a little convincing, but the bartender eventually agreed. At halftime Walt was standing on the counter, sign in hand, making a speech about the Shut the Duck UP! campaign and everything it hopes to accomplish. He concluded his speech with a toast(“A toast to you, the Philadelphians who will help Shut the Duck UP!”) and was met with raucous applause as he hopped down from the counter. Pats on the back and words of support were issued aplenty as Walt made his way back to our table. It couldn’t have been any prouder of a day for Walt and the Shut the Duck UP! campaign.

All I can hope is that there are many more toasts to come in the future of the Shut the Duck UP! campaign. Judging by how things are going, I think there are.

Until next time,


Around the gum tree I go!

Well as i’ve learned a good protest gets a whole lot of attention. I’ve done plenty of things around this city that work but nothing got heads turning quite as much as today’s protest! On south Street there is a tree known as the gum tree(it’s right near the Ishkabibles restarant across from the TLA). Its called that because everyone on South street sticks there chewed up gum to the tree trunk and almost the whole tree is covered in gum! Well it seems to me for a long time that this is a popular tourist attraction, so I went there with my sign, some quackers, and a megaphone and started marching in circles around the tree! I was shouting and quacking(then crushing those quackers don’t worry!) and making a huge commotion. People kept on pointing to the guy walking around the gum tree making a ratchet. they couldn’t believe it.

Of course I had to stop eventually because of dizzyness, but that worked too. The crowd that had formed to watch gathered around me and asked me a whole bunch of questions about Shut the Duck UP! I took out my petition and some fliers and started handing them out and getting signatures. I gained some big support for Shut the Duck UP! and I have the signatures to prove it.

There’s nothing better then the perfect protest. I’ll keep on dreaming up new ideas…the crazier the better! Suggestions that will help Shut the Duck UP! are always welcome, so get in touch with me with your comments or an e-mail.

thanks a bunch,


Personal conversation works too

Instead of doing a loud protest, I went over to the philadelphia Visitor’s Center this morning to point out to people the Ducks unfair marketing strategy. I pulled people aside(some were tourists some weren’t) one by one, pointed to one of the tour stations(this one was Ride the Ducks) and told them the whole story that Phil pointed out to me last week about how tour companies in Philadelphia are only allowed one station outside the Visitors Center and how the ducks had gotten around this by making four stations which each had a different name.

A bunch of people were surprised…they had thought that all the stations were for different companies! Some got angry at the Ducks too too and told me that I had they’re full support. A lot of the tourists even said that they’d never ride the ducks again! Each person got a few fliers(some to give to friends) describing the Shut the Duck UP! campaign.

I found out that this is a good way to protest! I didn’t get as many peoples attention but I made a lot of contact personally with people and i could tell that plently were convinced that the ducks are bad! I might try to sit down with more people to discuss Shut the Duck UP! in the future. This way I can make sure they understand how annoying those Ducks really are.

P.S.: Thank to Phil for his last post! I’m sure there will be many more from him in the future. Its nice to have so many dedicated supporters!


Feelin' Alright on Friday Night in Old City

Hello fellow Shut the Duck Up! supporters,

Phil Glass here, one of Shut the Duck Up!’s most ardent supporters. As Walt mentioned in a previous blog entry, I’ll be posting to the Shut the Duck Up! blog whenever I’ve got news or thoughts to share about those nasty Duck Boats. Walt couldn’t make it to the library today to write his normal post, and we know you’ve been eagerly awaiting more Shut the Duck Up! news, so I figured I’d give it a go and write my first ever blog entry.

Four Shut the Duck Up! campaigners(including Walt and myself) found themselves in Old City on Friday night, ready to spread the word about the Shut the Duck Up! campaign. We each posted ourselves to the heavy traffic area near the Continental Restaurant at roughly 11 P.M. Each of us was armed with a Shut the Duck UP! sign along with flyers expounding on our various qualms with the ducks and their unfair marketing tactics. Walt stood at a small homemade podium, megaphone in hand, wildly shouting a variety of slanderous suggestions about the ducks. He received plenty of drunken cheers and some of the more sober onlookers even stopped to take a flyer and talk about the campaign.

Sadly, Walt was eventually silenced due to the intervention of the Philadelphia Police. We called it a night after that. All in all, though, it was a successful protest. We turned plenty of heads and made enough positive impressions that I’m sure some of our new friends will be turning up at the Shut the Duck Up! protest in the spring. And besides, nothing shows dedication like working hard on a Friday night! It felt good to be out there, supporting a worthy cause and showing everyone just how much Shut the Duck Up! means to all of us.

I’ll be posting again soon, but hopefully Walt will be back next time because I know you all love him so much. Who wouldn’t?

Here’s to Shutting the Duck Up! Thanks for all your continued support.


Shut the Duck UP! featured AGAIN in the news!

Phillyist wrote a big artilcle about Shut the Duck UP! this is really going to help us out. Check it out! Here's a small exert:

January 8, 2008

Rhymes with "Fuck"

Make Way for Ducklings

"...STDU...has posts about duck boat accidents in other cities, Walt's own protests across Philadelphia, why Philly sports fans don't like the Ducks, either, and newly-elected Mayor Michael Nutter, all for the purpose of trying to convince the reader to e-sign the Shut the Duck Up! petition, which asks, not for an end to the Ride the Ducks Tour company, but instead for a little common courtesy..."

Image Credit: Flickr user law_keven

Check the rest of the article out here! Thanks Phillyist for all your support to help Shut the Duck UP!

Walt Sherman


A supporter has some BIG news: The ducks are cheaters!

Hey all,

A supporter of mine who does a fair amount of work for me named Phil Glass e-mailed me yesterday with some BIG, breaking news! I’m going to copy and paste his e-mail here(edited for accuracy after doing some reseaerch), so that everyone can know just how bad those ducks can be! Here’s what he wrote to me:


I did some research for you yesterday and found something that was pretty interesting about Ride the Ducks. I wanted to share it with you:

Apparently, according to Philadelphia Code, a tourism company can only have one gathering station around the visitor center. Ride the Ducks has circumvented(means “gotten around”) this law by renaming their company four different names. For instance, they have a station at the convention center called "Ride the Ducks”, one called “Philly Ducks", another called "River Ducks", and another called "Penn Ducks". While most people think these are all different, competing companies, in reality they are all a part of Philly Ride the Ducks. The area surrounding the convention center is a “Duck Depot”! They have four “marketing points of presence” as opposed to everyone else’s one. Imagine how unfair this is for the other Philadelphia tourism companies that actually play by the rules!

I was pretty disgusted when I heard this. I've also found that the Ducks regularly commit offenses by idling their cars in front of the sidewalk and blocking pedestrians. We should check out the Philadelphia Code about noise pollution, because I'm sure that the Ducks are in violation. I’m going to look right into this and get back to you as soon as I find something out.

Keep up the good work! I think we’re getting close to a big change.


Well there you have it. Its clear to me that the ducks are cheaters! Also, just so all my readers know i’m going to let Phil post blog entries every now and then whenever he has news for Shut the Duck UP! So if you see his name on the blog just know that he’s one of the biggest Shut the Duck UP! supporters in all of Philadelphia.

Thanks to Phil for this great information. i can’t wait to see what else we find out! Keep checking back for more breaking news!

--Walt Sherman


Duck boat violence!

A supporter posted a link to a sight about people dieing in a duck boat crash a while back. I just got the chance to check it out so I went over to the link and it turns out that eleven people dyed because a duck boat sunk in Arkansas!! The link is here


The duck boat sank in only 30 seconds and everyone was trying so hard to get life preserves that some drowned. Even three children died in this tradgedy…

This also didnt just happen in Arkansas. I found an article on stoptheduck.com(http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/49983_duck10.shtml) where a duck boat sank in Seattle also! Luckily no one was hurt in this accident.

This is just another reason why i don’t like the duck boats. They’re really dangerous. I think the Shut the Duck UP! campaign might start protesting for better safety on the duck boats from now on. That way if the duck boats keep operating at least people will be safe from all the dangers. Maybe I’ll even ask my lawyer friend to add this safety thing to the petition…

Keep believing and stay tuned for more Shut the Duck UP! news!



Freezing cold won't stop me!

I was out protesting on broad street this morning for all the people heading in to work and boy was it cold. I did my best to stay warm(wore my warmest hunters cap) but i almost froze to death out there…but still I feel only more excited about Shut the Duck UP!. Its good to know The freezing cold won’t stop me or the Shut the Duck UP! campaign!

Anyway protesting this morning went great. Although most people who were on their way to work couldn’t stop to talk, I saw a bunch of them paying attention to the Shut the Duck UP! sign and listening to what I had to say on my megaphone… Sometimes protesting isn’t about getting petition signatures or donations, its just about letting people know that theres a campaign called Shut the Duck UP! Now all those people will be going into work and telling their friends about the Shut the Duck UP! campaign. i’m sure it will get tons of people to head over to the Shut the Duck UP! blog and then sign my petition.

Stay Warm!


Shut the Duck UP! goes to the Mummers

Happy New Years everybody! I hope 2008 brings happiness to the Shut the Duck UP! campaign and all its supporters. I hope everyone had a wonderful new years eve and day. I personally didn’t stay up all that late on New Years Eve...I had to go to sleep so I could get up early for my next Shut the Duck UP! protest! Heres what i did...

I woke up early around 8 AM to head over to the Mummers day parade to stage a big New Years protest against the duck boats. I love the mummers parade. The music and the outfits are great and its a blast to be with my fellow Philadelphians!

I did the usual stuff For my protest I brought my sign and my megaphone and even crushed some quackers for the crowd who gathered to watch those mummers strut their stuff. I handed out a whole bunch of flyers and talked to a lot of people about Shut the Duck UP! It was a lot of fun and Shut the Duck UP! got a ton of publicity. Even though the mummers were so much fun to watch, I feel like Shut the Duck UP! stole the show.

So...another successful day for Shut the Duck UP! I can’t wait to see what 2008 brings for the campaign. Stay tuned for more Shut the Duck UP! news!

Happy New Years!