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Hey All,
I received this very supportive e-mail from my new friends over at http://www.stoptheduck.com and thought you might like to see what they have to say. Later!



Hey Walt!

We salute you, sir! Seriously, it warms our hearts to read about the protests you're doing there in Philly! You've got a catchy name and it sounds like you're doing some really creative stuff. Smashing duck quackers--why didn't we think of that!? Brilliant.

We started out by tagging the duck boats at traffic lights with "Stop the Duck!" stickers. After awhile we published our stickers on the website and we saw them popping up all over Seattle (where the duck scourge is particularly bad). From there we got word of people posting fliers and stickers elsewhere around the country.

As for event publicity, you may find that in time you'll have all the publicity you want and then some. After our site went up we got requests for interviews from radio stations and newspapers all over the country. I think what helped us was a very recognizable image & slogan. I love "Shut the duck up!" Maybe you know someone who's a good artist that could design a cartoon duck with a gag or a red "X" over it's mouth? Just an idea...

We haven't been all that active on the streets in a long time. Mostly, we hope to spread the cause by making all of our original sticker artwork,fliers, etc. available for anyone to download. Still, we'd love to collaborate with you somehow. I can start by giving you a link from our site to your blog. How does that sound?

Thanks for contacting us and keep the faith!

Your pals at Stop the Duck,


phillykid_84 said...

Congratulations on pairing up with stop the ducks! hopefully this will get some more traffic to your blog.

I found some other links to people complaining about the tours:



the second just makes a brief mention of it, but its not just you that's posting anti-philly duck tours on the web!

arb1trage said...

Those stop the duck guys are serious! They're good role models for u

rejector1100 said...

can't believe there's ANOTHER organization against the ducks

ammofan25 said...

you should get stickers made the way they did thats a good idea