The Society Hill Civic Association(S.C.H.A.)

One of my supporters(his name is Jon) called the Society Hill Civic Association(S.C.H.A.) to see if they had any sort of committee formed against the duck boats. It turns out they do! Jon called the woman who was in charge of the committee and she gave him all sorts of great info which is really going to help us Shut the Duck UP!

The woman(her name is Martha, Jon said she's really nice) said that their group has been working against the duck boats for almost four years now. They're really organized and they're against the same stuff we are: quackers, loud music, and loud tour guides. They've met with a guy on the city council named frank diciccio but it turns out that he is a duck tour supporter. They've also met with the HEAD of the duck tours and Martha said he is actually a pretty nice guy! She said we should schedule a meeting with him as soon as possible to show that another group is against the duck boats also. So I figure i'll try to get in touch with him and set something up.

Well this is pretty big news but thats all I have to say for now. Stay tuned!




yo walt whats the deal with this video you keep promoting, tell those Drexel cats to get on top of there shit.

imagine977 said...

youve got partners all over the place now shut the duck up is krrrraaazy!

babeoinkoink said...

that Martha woman sounds like shes got her act together... you should stick with her

Philthy_Rich said...

Hey walt - Glad to hear your finding support from different places. I initially thought you'd be on your own.

be sure to post what happens in the meeting.