"Shut the Duck Up!" featured in a PhillyWeekly Blog!

Shut the Duck UP! was featured in a Philadelphia Weekly blog called Philadelphia WillDo! I was so excited when i saw the article...its giving Shut the Duck UP! so much publicity! I've gotten a bunch of e-mails and online petition signatures because of it. Shut the Duck Up! is really becoming wellknown!

Heres a copy of the article:

December 11, 2007

New Ally In War On Duck Boats

I'm all for fighting against the horrible duck boats, and, although it's a bit too serious for me, here's a new partner in the fight:

Here's the dude's his petition:

We the undersigned do hereby call for respect from the Philadelphia Ride the Ducks Tour Company. The Ride the Ducks Tours are loud, noisy, obnoxious and an ear sore to local citizens of the Philadelphia area. By blasting music, shouting over a loud PA system, and encouraging the tooting of “quackers,” the Ride the Ducks Tours consistently disrupt the life of the average Philadelphian and are violating a number of noise pollution laws. We ask for Ride the Ducks Tours to work for a better relationship with Philadelphia residents and by agreeing to three guidelines:

1) When driving through a residential area, Ride The Ducks Tours will respectfully lower their music, exhibit a more restrained use of the PA system, and encourage a more mindful use of “quackers.”

2) Ride the Ducks Tours will revise their tour routes of Philadelphia to minimize exposure to the residential community.

3) Ride the Ducks Tour guides will no longer encourage tourists to “quack” at individuals on the street.

Eh, go ahead, fight the duck boat people. The War on Duck Boats will one day be won!

...And Thats the end of the article! Keep checking back for more Shut the Duck UP! News!



archie777 said...

Wow Walt, things are really moving. Keep it up buddy. You da man!

quackhead said...

can't believe how much press this thing is getting... maybe i shouldn't have doubted you.

missrhubarb22 said...

I have no doubt that the duck's will be quieted soon. Shut the Duck UP! is really catching on. I've seen it on several different sites.

anxiousattack99 said...

I like the line: The war on Duck Boats will one day be won!

theantiquack said...

I like the guy on your petition site who wrote a whole thing against the ducks but in the act of doing that he SIGNED your petition. HA!