Ouch! Criticsm

Ouch! Criticism

Well, I’ve been posting on the Phillyblog.com message boards trying to spread the word about my cause and a lot of people have been critisizing me! They say there’s better ways i could spend my time and that the duck boats aren’t all that annoying(I don’t understand how anyone could think this!)

I just want to say that it’s okay to disagree with me but i will never stop fighting to Shut the Duck UP! The campaign means a lot to me and i feel its something that needs to be done. Plus, I’ve met too many people who believe in me to stop now. So to all my supporters: don’t worry! I am here to stay!



cristianoR7 said...

:very inspirational post:)

scroogemeister said...

how could anyone criticize such a "hard working" individual?! QUACK.

gprestichord said...

Just signed your petition and wanted to say thanks for all your hard work!

chknlpz79 said...

i think its cool that you say that its okay for people to criticize you because most people would say that its not okay good job!