This weekend I realized that i’ve spent no time at the Philadelphiae colleges talking to students about the Shut the Duck Up! campaign. I figured my cause could use some bright young boys and girls. So this weekend was back-to-school-weekend for Walt!

First I took the 42 Bus over to Penn University and posted flyers everywhere. I tried knocking on the doors of some fraternities but no on answered. So instead I stopped some students who were walking by and talked with them about the campaign and asked them to sign my petition. A lot of them were nice and others were sort of snobby but i still managed to get a lot of people interested in Shutting the Duck Up!

After that I walked over to Drexel. I looked for my student friends that are making my video but they were nowhere to be found(guess they were hard at work!). I spent my time talking with more students and these ones were all pretty nice and some had even heard of me and the campaign before!! It was great to know that word had spread so far.

Students can be pretty stingy so i didn’t get many donations but thats okay with me. I still got a ton of signatures and a lot of kids told me they’d check out my blog and also sign my online petition and get involved any way they could. Most important though, I know they’ll be talking with their friends at parties and classes about Shut the Duck Up! Now even more people will be hearing about the campaign.

Well, its time to leave the library and get some lunch. I’ll be posting again soon!



pennguy420 said...

I highly resent the statement that some Penn students were snobby. This is a totally arbitrary judgement and it is quite simply not true. Thank you for your time.

mikeymike99 said...

Hey Walt,

A drexel student here. I met you this weekend and told you I'd check out the blog. Just want to say what's up?


cranberrynose4 said...

I'm sure shut the duck up! will be the talk of all the parties on drexel campus next weekend!

arbiter55555 said...

maybe you should try teaching a class at Drexel about protesting...then you'd actually have a job!

Anonymous said...

They're not stingy, Walt...they're poor. There's a difference!

Anonymous said...

They're not stingy, Walt...they're poor. There's a difference!

Actually, I'll bet they just have 52,122,320,424 better things to do than donate to Shut the DUCK up! Here's a partial list:

Donate to the Red Cross
Buy a slice of pizza
Buy some septa tokens
Light the money on fire
Flush it down the toilet
Choke on the money
Throw it at a police officer


QuakingIsHarmless said...

Anyone see the irony in calling PENN students "Snobby", but waging a full out campaign on for irrelevant, snobby issue about tourists oh so noisy quackery.

It's the city, It's bringing in tourist money, it's light hearted and fun, and it's not that disruptive or noisy. I think what you're trying to do here ranked much higher on the snobbery meter then most others.

Anyways, my 2 cents. You time could be much better spent on a cause that helps the community, rather then pushing a "grumpy old man" cause....