The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers

Well I told you I’d have new ways to protest and Wednesday night i tried one out! Some suporters of mine had told me that Philadelphia sports fans are some of the best in the business so i went outside a Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers game and shouted on my megaphone and held up my Shut the Duck UP! sign and handed out flyers. People went nuts! I got all sorts of high-fives and cheers and tons of people told me they’d check out the Shut the Duck UP! blog and tell their friends. It was cold and rainy, so I only stayed while people were going into the game(I was planning on waiting until the game was over to get even more people to hear about Shut the Duck UP!) but still the Seventy-Sixers protest was a complete sucess! I figure that soon I can go to other Philadelphia sports matches and get even more attention for the Shut the Duck UP! campaign.

The weekend is quickly approaching and I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve to try out... Stay tuned to see where the Shut the Duck UP! protest ends up next!


Back from the holidays

Merry Christmas everybody! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while...I’ve been taking some time off from protesting for the holidays. Every protester needs a break every now and then, and I’m glad I did it because I’m now re-freshed and more ready than ever to Shut the Duck UP!

Yesterday during Christmas i took a walk on South Street and it was so nice and quiet. No Ducks anywhere! I couldn’t help but realize how nice south street could be if the Shut the Duck UP! campaign succeeds. It really inspired me to fight harder than ever to quiet down the ducks and get the respect the citizens of Philadelphia deserve.

The Shut the Duck UP! online petition is quickly getting more signatures every day(tell your friends to sign it!) and I’ve heard form a lot of different sites and blogs who want to write about the campaign. The new year is going to bring a lot of good news, I just know it!

Tomorrow I begin exploring new ways to protest and get the word out about Shut the Duck UP! I have a lot of ideas and can't wait to try them out. I can’t wait!

Happy holidays,


The new mayor

Its pretty good news for the Shut the Duck Up! campaign that the city of Philly is getting a new mayor. I’ve heard from a bunch of supporters that new mayors love to make changes all over the city. So that means that if i can get the mayors attention somehow he might be open to listening to the idea of shutting down the duck boats. I figure I’ll keep working my hardest out on the streets and maybe that will get me a newspaper article once enough people have heard about me.(Looking at all the press i’ve gotten I think i’m pretty close!) Then all the mayor has to do is read the article and then I’m sure he’ll check out my blog and then he’ll move on to my video and then…you get the picture!

So, soon-to-be mayor, whenever youre reading this, please get in touch with me. I’m sure I can convince you to Shut the Duck UP(although i don’t think you’ll need much convincing!) Until then, its back to protesting for me!


More publicity for Shut the Duck UP!

A blog in Seattle called SLOG posted a big story about Shut the Duck UP! It's getting Shut the Duck UP! tons of publicity. Check it out:

Anti-Duck Commiseration

Posted by on December 18 at 9:35 AM


This morning brought this letter to my inbox:


My name is Walt Sherman and I’m in charge of the Philadelphia “Shut the Duck UP!” campaign. We are fighting to quiet down the duck boats and make them stop disrespecting everybody. We have a blog and also an online petition.

I recently read Public Intern Steven Blum’s article, Assignment: Yell at the Ducks, and I was hoping to get in touch with him. I thought you guys might be interested in how quieting down the ducks is becoming a NATIONAL movement (check out www.stoptheduck.com!). Also, I wanted to see if he and Jessica, the girl Steven worked with, might want to sign my petition and help out in any other way they could think of.

Thanks for helping to Shut the Duck UP!

Walt Sherman

Thank you, Walt. Everyone else, if you hate the Ducks, why not help our Philly siblings out by signing the petition?

In closing, please enjoy this inspirational graphic from the Georgia-based StoptheDucks.com:



"Shut the Duck Up!" featured in a PhillyWeekly Blog!

Shut the Duck UP! was featured in a Philadelphia Weekly blog called Philadelphia WillDo! I was so excited when i saw the article...its giving Shut the Duck UP! so much publicity! I've gotten a bunch of e-mails and online petition signatures because of it. Shut the Duck Up! is really becoming wellknown!

Heres a copy of the article:

December 11, 2007

New Ally In War On Duck Boats

I'm all for fighting against the horrible duck boats, and, although it's a bit too serious for me, here's a new partner in the fight:

Here's the dude's his petition:

We the undersigned do hereby call for respect from the Philadelphia Ride the Ducks Tour Company. The Ride the Ducks Tours are loud, noisy, obnoxious and an ear sore to local citizens of the Philadelphia area. By blasting music, shouting over a loud PA system, and encouraging the tooting of “quackers,” the Ride the Ducks Tours consistently disrupt the life of the average Philadelphian and are violating a number of noise pollution laws. We ask for Ride the Ducks Tours to work for a better relationship with Philadelphia residents and by agreeing to three guidelines:

1) When driving through a residential area, Ride The Ducks Tours will respectfully lower their music, exhibit a more restrained use of the PA system, and encourage a more mindful use of “quackers.”

2) Ride the Ducks Tours will revise their tour routes of Philadelphia to minimize exposure to the residential community.

3) Ride the Ducks Tour guides will no longer encourage tourists to “quack” at individuals on the street.

Eh, go ahead, fight the duck boat people. The War on Duck Boats will one day be won!

...And Thats the end of the article! Keep checking back for more Shut the Duck UP! News!



My Space

Good news… I now have a My Space page! It took me a long time to set up and i've had a hard time figuring out how to work the sight, but after a couple of days i can finally say that the Shut the Duck UP! My Space page is up and running. I figure it will be a good way to keep track of all the Shut the Duck UP! supporters. If you're on there be sure to "befriend" me at


I'll see you on there!



Sign the Online petition!

Even though my petition in the real world has tons of signatures, i figure that I can get a whole lot more by using cyber space.! One of my supporters is a lawyer and i asked him to write a very official petition that I can use for the Shut the Duck UP! campaign. He wrote this amazing thing(you can see it on the right side of the web page) and i’ve now got it up on an online petition site ready to be signed! When I get enough signatures i’m going to send the petition to Philly Duck Tours to show them just how many people want to Shut the Duck UP! So if everyone could tell their friends and all of their family members to help me out and sign the Shut the Duck UP! petition… that would be a huge help.

Everyone get involved now and sign the petition! You can find it at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/shut-the-duck-up

…Or you can just click on the link on the right side of the page!





This weekend I realized that i’ve spent no time at the Philadelphiae colleges talking to students about the Shut the Duck Up! campaign. I figured my cause could use some bright young boys and girls. So this weekend was back-to-school-weekend for Walt!

First I took the 42 Bus over to Penn University and posted flyers everywhere. I tried knocking on the doors of some fraternities but no on answered. So instead I stopped some students who were walking by and talked with them about the campaign and asked them to sign my petition. A lot of them were nice and others were sort of snobby but i still managed to get a lot of people interested in Shutting the Duck Up!

After that I walked over to Drexel. I looked for my student friends that are making my video but they were nowhere to be found(guess they were hard at work!). I spent my time talking with more students and these ones were all pretty nice and some had even heard of me and the campaign before!! It was great to know that word had spread so far.

Students can be pretty stingy so i didn’t get many donations but thats okay with me. I still got a ton of signatures and a lot of kids told me they’d check out my blog and also sign my online petition and get involved any way they could. Most important though, I know they’ll be talking with their friends at parties and classes about Shut the Duck Up! Now even more people will be hearing about the campaign.

Well, its time to leave the library and get some lunch. I’ll be posting again soon!



The Society Hill Civic Association(S.C.H.A.)

One of my supporters(his name is Jon) called the Society Hill Civic Association(S.C.H.A.) to see if they had any sort of committee formed against the duck boats. It turns out they do! Jon called the woman who was in charge of the committee and she gave him all sorts of great info which is really going to help us Shut the Duck UP!

The woman(her name is Martha, Jon said she's really nice) said that their group has been working against the duck boats for almost four years now. They're really organized and they're against the same stuff we are: quackers, loud music, and loud tour guides. They've met with a guy on the city council named frank diciccio but it turns out that he is a duck tour supporter. They've also met with the HEAD of the duck tours and Martha said he is actually a pretty nice guy! She said we should schedule a meeting with him as soon as possible to show that another group is against the duck boats also. So I figure i'll try to get in touch with him and set something up.

Well this is pretty big news but thats all I have to say for now. Stay tuned!



Ouch! Criticsm

Ouch! Criticism

Well, I’ve been posting on the Phillyblog.com message boards trying to spread the word about my cause and a lot of people have been critisizing me! They say there’s better ways i could spend my time and that the duck boats aren’t all that annoying(I don’t understand how anyone could think this!)

I just want to say that it’s okay to disagree with me but i will never stop fighting to Shut the Duck UP! The campaign means a lot to me and i feel its something that needs to be done. Plus, I’ve met too many people who believe in me to stop now. So to all my supporters: don’t worry! I am here to stay!



Stoptheducks.com !

Hey All,
I received this very supportive e-mail from my new friends over at http://www.stoptheduck.com and thought you might like to see what they have to say. Later!



Hey Walt!

We salute you, sir! Seriously, it warms our hearts to read about the protests you're doing there in Philly! You've got a catchy name and it sounds like you're doing some really creative stuff. Smashing duck quackers--why didn't we think of that!? Brilliant.

We started out by tagging the duck boats at traffic lights with "Stop the Duck!" stickers. After awhile we published our stickers on the website and we saw them popping up all over Seattle (where the duck scourge is particularly bad). From there we got word of people posting fliers and stickers elsewhere around the country.

As for event publicity, you may find that in time you'll have all the publicity you want and then some. After our site went up we got requests for interviews from radio stations and newspapers all over the country. I think what helped us was a very recognizable image & slogan. I love "Shut the duck up!" Maybe you know someone who's a good artist that could design a cartoon duck with a gag or a red "X" over it's mouth? Just an idea...

We haven't been all that active on the streets in a long time. Mostly, we hope to spread the cause by making all of our original sticker artwork,fliers, etc. available for anyone to download. Still, we'd love to collaborate with you somehow. I can start by giving you a link from our site to your blog. How does that sound?

Thanks for contacting us and keep the faith!

Your pals at Stop the Duck,