I did a pretty open protest today. I waited for tourists to get off of the duck boats and then I asked them for their quackers. Eventually I had about ten or so of them handed to me and I walked away. Then I took the quackers over to different places in the city and tooted them a bit to get peoples attention(it almost made me sick to make that noise!). When I had some people gathered around I dropped a quacker to the ground and stomped it into pieces. Most of the time it earned me a big round of applause and people asked me more about the Shut the Duck Up! campaign and a lot of them gave donations! I told them all about my blog, so if theyre reading this now I’d like to say hello and thanks for the support!

Conversation is getting pretty heated on this blog! I guess the more controversy the better… whatever gets people talking. That’s all!


joey said...

I was there for this protest. It was awesome!! Nothing like a crushed quacker to turn some heads. Nice work Walt!

femmeNist086 said...

what a waste of time and energy when people are dying overseas.

greg said...

Yo femmenist, take it easy, I happen to like this guy fighting against the evil duck boats...you're a bit uptight.

Philthy_Rich said...

Walt (and everyone else)
Just wanted to point out that this is being done on a much bigger scale. I thought Philly was the only unfortunate city that had to deal with this... but apparently its an international crisis.

check out www.stoptheducks.com
maybe you can join forces?

jimmycricket222 said...

how could you blow on the quacker? That must've been a difficult inner battle.