The No-Quack Zone inspires me!!

I was walking some dogs down in society Hill this past Friday afternoon(it’s a job of mine) an everything was nice and quiet in the No-Quack Zone. I was thinking that soon it could be like this every where. I got so excited and I spent the whole weekend on South street having people sign my petition. I got a bunch of signatures and even some donations from a few really nice people! Lots of people pat me on the back and tell me to keep up the good work. I Love the support.

So I’m feeling great! Please keep putting comments in the blog because I like hearing what people think and it’s nice to know youre all reading this. I guess you’ll hear from me soon. Good bye!


jessie said...

I was walking in the "No-Quack Zone" the other day and I had a similar experience. It's great. Glad you're doing so well, Walt!

Qwazed Quacker said...

Haha Walt! I'll quack where I want...it's a free country!

Anonymous said...

Who is this qwazed quacker character? Don't listen to him Walt he's just trying to get under your skin!