Back from Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Its been the holidays so I’ve been busy doing all sorts of things for turkey day…

There’s been lots of good news since I’ve been gone though! I’ve met some partners-in-crime at www.stoptheducks.com. I sent them an email last week and they got back to me over the weekend. Theyre really supportive. They said that they loved the name of my campaign, Shut The Duck Up! And they loved reading my blog… especially my “Crushing Quackers” protest! They’re even going to put a link to my blog on their web site which should get all sorts of people coming to check out what I have to say! Le Canard Non(the head of the group) told me that Stop the Ducks! was featured on the radio and the news when people heard about their Stop the Ducks! campaign… I can’t wait till i get the same sort of publicity. So its nice to know that i’ve got the Stop The Ducks team on my side.

I also found out on Friday that Society Hill has a commitee against the ducks! I’m going to get in touch with them today and see how we can work together. As you can see, a lot of members are starting to join me for the Shut the Duck Up! campaign!

I’ve also started posting on PhillyBlog.com and there’s all sorts of controversy over my Shut the Duck Up! campaign. If my fellow duck supporters could get over there and give some words of encouragement it could be a huge help. Just check out the general discussion part of the forum…

Well as you can see a lot is happening with the Shut the Duck Up! campaign…more action to come soon!



curtisE85 said...

"Crushing the Quackers"?!?!

Your nuts Walt!

cranberrynose50 said...

Checked out stoptheducks.com and saw their link to your blog. Seems like it should help you out a lot. Way to go Walt!

Applesnoranges said...

Saw your post on Phillyblog.com. They really hammered you! I felt bad.