Back from Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Its been the holidays so I’ve been busy doing all sorts of things for turkey day…

There’s been lots of good news since I’ve been gone though! I’ve met some partners-in-crime at www.stoptheducks.com. I sent them an email last week and they got back to me over the weekend. Theyre really supportive. They said that they loved the name of my campaign, Shut The Duck Up! And they loved reading my blog… especially my “Crushing Quackers” protest! They’re even going to put a link to my blog on their web site which should get all sorts of people coming to check out what I have to say! Le Canard Non(the head of the group) told me that Stop the Ducks! was featured on the radio and the news when people heard about their Stop the Ducks! campaign… I can’t wait till i get the same sort of publicity. So its nice to know that i’ve got the Stop The Ducks team on my side.

I also found out on Friday that Society Hill has a commitee against the ducks! I’m going to get in touch with them today and see how we can work together. As you can see, a lot of members are starting to join me for the Shut the Duck Up! campaign!

I’ve also started posting on PhillyBlog.com and there’s all sorts of controversy over my Shut the Duck Up! campaign. If my fellow duck supporters could get over there and give some words of encouragement it could be a huge help. Just check out the general discussion part of the forum…

Well as you can see a lot is happening with the Shut the Duck Up! campaign…more action to come soon!



I've Come So Far

Its crazy to think how far I've come since I began this whole Shut the Duck Up! campaign. Before all of this, no one really knew who I was or that anyone in Philadelphia cared about stopping the Duck Tours. Now, ever since I've started protesting, people see me around the city and point me out (most of them say "Hey, there's the Duck Guy!") or they'll stop to say hello and ask me how the campaign is going. I have a ton of signatures and a lot donation money that will let me keep on printing flyers and making a buzz for a long time to come. And the blog is starting to be filled with all sorts of comments from my faithfull readers. I can't even imagine how big this whole thing is going to be when my video finally goes on Utube...

I just want to thank every one who is supporting me. Keep telling your friends and spreading the word. It won't be long now until we start to see some results.


Video is almost up!

Great news: I just got an e-mail from my student friends over at Drexel and it looks like the video is really very close to being done! They said that they just needed a tiny bit more time to edit and then I could go ahead and put it on Utube. The timing is perfect because I feel like I've protested in all the hot spots around Philadelphia: City Hall, Old City, Rittenhouse, Society Hill, South Philly, etc... i've met so many people and I know they must check Utube every day to see if the movie is posted yet. So finaly they'll have the chance to watch and then word is going to spread real fast around town... I think I'll make one last push to put flyers absolutely everywhere to make sure people are talking (The more attention the better). Bye for now!



I did a pretty open protest today. I waited for tourists to get off of the duck boats and then I asked them for their quackers. Eventually I had about ten or so of them handed to me and I walked away. Then I took the quackers over to different places in the city and tooted them a bit to get peoples attention(it almost made me sick to make that noise!). When I had some people gathered around I dropped a quacker to the ground and stomped it into pieces. Most of the time it earned me a big round of applause and people asked me more about the Shut the Duck Up! campaign and a lot of them gave donations! I told them all about my blog, so if theyre reading this now I’d like to say hello and thanks for the support!

Conversation is getting pretty heated on this blog! I guess the more controversy the better… whatever gets people talking. That’s all!


One Man City Hall Protest

A friend of mine made a sign for me: It has the words “Quack! Quack!” crossed out with a big red X", and below it theres the Shut the Duck Up! logo.

I stood outside city hall today with the sign. A bunch of people asked me what this whole “Shut the Duck Up!” thing was about and after I told them they signed my petition. A few other people gave me weird looks. I kept on looking for the Mayor (having his signature would be a big deal), but he never showed up. Eventually a cop hassled me and told me to move. I didn’t want any trouble so I went on my way, but all in all it was a pretty sucessful protest!


The duck boats web sight

I looked up the Philadelphia duck boats on google today. I found their web sight and got so upset the minute I looked at that thing. It showed these two tourists with quackers in their mouth and it says ‘Laugh: Fun for everyone!’. Then the rest of the page they’re talking about how great the duckboats are and how much fun you have and how much you learn… Nothing could get me more upset. I wanted to put a big Shut The Duck Up! Logo right into the middle of the page.

I’m all fired up right now so I think I’ll go get some signatures and spread the word about my campaign. Everytime I do it I feel like I’m getting closer to shutting those ducks up! And when the video comes out (soon)… then those dumb ducks are really going to be in some trouble!

Well. I’m off to do some work. Talk to you later…


The No-Quack Zone inspires me!!

I was walking some dogs down in society Hill this past Friday afternoon(it’s a job of mine) an everything was nice and quiet in the No-Quack Zone. I was thinking that soon it could be like this every where. I got so excited and I spent the whole weekend on South street having people sign my petition. I got a bunch of signatures and even some donations from a few really nice people! Lots of people pat me on the back and tell me to keep up the good work. I Love the support.

So I’m feeling great! Please keep putting comments in the blog because I like hearing what people think and it’s nice to know youre all reading this. I guess you’ll hear from me soon. Good bye!


Rainy Tuesday Morning At Kinkos

It was difficult to get out of bed today with it being rainy and cold and all but after I got out and about it wasn't that bad. I was able to print of 1000 more flyers at Kinkos today paid for through donations to Shut the Ducks Up! and I would like to thank everyone that made that possible. In other good news I finally heard back from those Drexel students today (well actually they wrote me yesterday but i couldn't get to the librarly to check my email). They said that it should come out sometime at the end of next week after they finish the final editing process (thought they were done but I guess not). Anyways, that should really help get some publicity I think: I know that a lot of people surf Utube so I'm guessing that a whole lot of people are going to see me on there and find about Shut the Ducks UP! Thats all for now...


Another Productive Day

Spent the better part of the morning flyering around Old City and more downtown. Signed up maybe 15 more people or so. Then I got lunch at my favorite deli. Right now I am at the library blogging and I have to email those film students about my documentary. I'm so excited for iot to go online... I think it's really going to help with our publicity.


So Excited!

Hi! I'm so excited: Things are finally paying off after three years of hard work. I've been lobbying to shut down the Ride the Ducks tours for what seems like forever and people are finally starting to pay attention to my work an other annoyed people in Society Hill and elsewhere are jumping onto the cause and we're getting some great publicity. My friend helped me set up this blog as a way to reach even more people which I am really excited about. Also, a while back a fellow Duck crusader designed the greatest logo, you can see at the top of my blog. And another thing is the no quack zone in Society Hill that got passed a while back. That was a really nice victory!

And saving the best thing for last, some film students from Drexel University decided to make a documentary about my work and me. We finished up the filming or wrapped it up I guess I should say :) about a month ago and I haven't seen any of it yet but I know it's going to be really good. I don't know exactly when it's going to be available on Utube but I think sometime soon. Apparently, the kids said they got an A for the project-I'm not so surprised they were really talented!!

Weve also started getting a lot more petition signatures. People really identify I think with my many problems with the annoyance of the Ride the Ducks tours and that makes them like me. They are so so noisy and don't take into account the people that actually live and work around here. It's really ridiculous. Well i think that's it for now... I'm going to be posting here regularly so check back a a lot for updates. If you are interested in helping with the Shut the Duck Up! campaign contacting me through here is probably the best way to reach me. Thanks for reading! :)